Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat-Wing 70mm EDF Jet!

Any one into scratch builds should check out this build! Using some foam board and some hobby parts a 70mm EDF jet, appropriately named the Bat-Wing, was built and flown! Pretty cool!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Using A Follow Me Function... In A Car!

The follow me function of the 3DR Iris has been a popular and in demand feature, but what about following a car? At a Toyota hackathon in California multiple teams were challenged to build apps around the vehicles data visualizer, the onboard system that generates data such as the car's speed. GPS and RPMS. 

The team known as Eye in the Sky was challenged to build an Android App that would be able to autonomously follow a Scion FR-S around a winding race course. They made the cars GPS coordinates available by bluetooth, that then was collected and sent to the Iris. The objective they aimed to accomplish was to build a more dynamic follow me app function, allowing for camera angles and controls that were capable of handling the sharp turns and acceleration of a car. 

Although the team did not finish all of their work in the 24 hour hackathon, they did get the app running and do a prerecorded simulation. Which was enough for them to win the $10,000 prize. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The New Proposed FAA Regulations May Put a Hold On Commercial Usage

The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) has been challenged to make rules and regulations for consumer usage of Unmanned Vehicles. An outline was presented and here are what some of the regulations may be:

* Possible perquisites for being a drone pilot
* Must be within line of site at all times
* Can not fly faster than 100mph or higher than 500 feet.
* No flying over people

If the regulation to require line of site at all time becomes a reality, you can say good buy to your hopes of Amazon delivery drones in the near future.  It is hard to say how this will impact the commercial usage of drones in the future, or what will change in time. Currently they still have 2 years to make modifications and find a more permanent solution. 

As for consumers, the rules and regulations seem to be targeted to make it a more regulated flying area, and keep everyone safe while cutting the risks. 

Grandma Takes Flight Of a Phantom

How long will you continue to fly for? Will you make it to 91 and still be flying? Well this Grandma shows us a little bit of her day with the help of a DJI Phantom 2, and a GoPro.

Well this Grandma shows that she keeps with the times and shows how she spends her day.. Okay, so she doesn't actually appear to be flying the Phantom 2, but she is a good sport and smiles along the way, which I think makes her pretty awesome!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blade 350QX3 Delivers Coffee

A Blade 350QX3 delivered the Good Morning America anchors coffee early last week.  After a little bit of paper flying, and a few laughs, the coffee was delivered and the 350QX3 was able to fly behind scenes. GMA has used a variety of quadcopters andUAV's to film and shoot a variety of things during its series "Game Of Drones."


It's a pretty common concern, and is frequently discussed by UAV pilots and on-lookers. Can that drone be used to spy on me? What if it is used to look into my windows? And for that reason it is no surprise that was created. 

The NoFlyZone website is simple and easy for anyone to use. All you do is enter your home address and some basic information, and they do the rest. Once you submit your information it is then verified and the GPS coordinates are added to the database the organization works with drone manufacturers to create a off-limit coordinate for the drone that is uploaded into the drone's software. 

And all of this is free to the user.

There is no guarantee that all drones can be deterred from an area, because to date only a handful of companies have partnered with NoFlyZone. One of the partners being the manufacturer of the 350QX, Horizon Hobby.

The company follows rules that have already been developed by the FAA, which has restricted drone areas already in place, such as airports and government buildings. One of the differences between private and mandatory no fly zone's is that the private zone's will be customizable, and allow for the possibility of delivery drones and anything else that may become available in the future. In time we will be able to see how the NoFlyZone helps contain the off limit areas.